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Check this page for older news and information.  This page  will contain items of interest to Holly Tree residents that have previously been posted on the News page.

Holly Tree Sewer Project
Over the next several months, Holly Tree will be under going a major sewer line repair. In order to move through the subdivision rapidly, it has been divided into two sections - East of Hwy 14 and West of Hwy 14. Point of Repair work will start on the East of Hwy 14 section as early as the week of Jan 16th. The schedule, if all goes well with the weather, for the Point of Repairs work is around mid March for the West of Hwy 14 section. We will be posting a weekly schedule of the repairs on the website as we get them. Please consult it frequently for updates. The contractor for the Point of Repairs work is : Payne, McGinn and Cummins, Inc. They will have between 3 and 4 crews on site in Holly Tree at one time. If they need to repair the stub from the main line to your home, which is about 6 feet long, then it is possible that you will lose sewer service for the day. So it is important that you consult the schedule so that you are not surprised.

In addition, once the Point of Repairs work is completed, a Cure in Place repair schedule will follow. This should mainly effect sections of street between man holes but there is always an exception. This work is still out for bid, so currently we do not have anything to post. However, as soon as we do, it will be up on the website.

Please select Point of Repairs in order to view the work in Holly Tree.

Please select Hollytree Construction Schedule in order to view the schedule of the sewer work. Also, please keep in mind, the weather will greatly impact the contractors ability to keep on schedule.

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Entrance news (back to top)

7 out of 10 entrances have been updated and completed in Holly Tree. The circuit breaker was flipped on at the Eastcrest entrance (above) several days ago, and residents can admire the well-lit entrance on Adams Mill Road. The flower bed has been defined and recently mulched. This spring, new flowers will be planted for the very first time with a new irrigation system to support them.

With the completion of the Highway 14 expansion, the entrances at Holly Hill and Springhill will be started right on time.

With many volunteers, Holly Tree is becoming the best place to live in Greenville.


Here is another update for residents who don't use the main entrance. The center flower bed at the main entrance to Holly Tree Plantation (below) has been replaced with new plantings after the completion and effects from the Highway 14 expansion. Up until a few weeks ago, the DOT gave us a go ahead and a diseased Maple tree was removed, while the landscape company that bid the project was given approval to start. Below is a picture of the completed project. Thanks again to the many volunteers of Holly Tree.

Your HOA
(posted 10/29/06)

Email address update: (back to top)
Holly Tree Plantation has recently increased the number of residential email addresses from 388 to 440, since our last board meeting. We have a total of 534 properties in the community.

We want to thank everyone for providing their email addresses. These addresses provide better communication to a majority of residents in our community. The email addresses save us postage, and allow us to keep everyone posted to situations and events that affect you.
(posted 3/30/06)

Clean-up (back to top)
Send an email to 
website@myhollytree.com to report any areas that need attention regarding clean-up.

Entrance pictures and trivia. (back to top)
See pictures of the recognized entrances into Holly Tree, and see how much you know about your neighborhood.

Beautification Committee cleanup
See what some areas looked like before the Beautification Committee went into action.


Adams Mill and Plantation Drive Entrance Project (back to top)

Lights, outlets, conduit and new wiring has been installed on one side of Adams Mill Road.  With the generous help of resident Pat Connelly and HTPHA VP John Cummings, the first part of the project was completed in one full day.  The other side of Adams Mill Road was never fitted for lights and will require extensive drilling of the columns.  When a day is set to finish this other side, a third day will be needed to tie the electric of all four columns together.  When this is complete, Laurens Electric will be scheduled to set a meter and turn on the lights.




(posted 2/18/05)


Speed Hump Petition Results
In response to resident requests, Greenville County has provided the results of the speed hump petition. The county required the approval of 75 percent of the residents on Plantation Drive and 80 percent approved. The county also required the approval of 25 percent of people who must travel over speed humps to enter or leave the neighborhood, of which 33 percent approved. Some of the more frequently asked questions about this issue are addressed at the county's web site.

New Signs Have Arrived
In order to better communicate with as many of the homeowners as possible, we have added new signs at several of the neighborhood entrances. The new signs include a small bulletin board and a flyer distribution box. We will be able to provide breaking news and information more rapidly.

The signs were designed with a natural look so they would have a low visual impact and were purchased to replace the white plastic signs that had outlived their usefulness.  We tried to place them so that they were conveniently accessible to all residents. Currently our signs are at the following entrances:

  • Plantation at Hwy 14
  • Plantation at Adams Mill (Eastcrest Side)
  • Lancelot at Bethel Road

If the signs are well received we will consider adding additional signs at the other entrances. In the meantime, please let us know what you think.


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